Hands-on Zero-Knowledge Basics - KZG Commitments


Commitments have a central role on current trends of Zero-Knowledge Proofs. In particular, KZG commitments; a polynomial commitment scheme with a trusted setup; are important because they are used in many Zero-Knowledge frameworks, such as PLONK. Additionally, Proto-Danksharding (a.k.a. EIP-4844); an important Ethereum Improvement Proposal regarding Data Availability; will also implement KZG as the commitment scheme. In this workshop, we will explain KZG commitments and, after that, we will do a hands-on simple example -—step by step—- to get familiarised and better understand how this commitment scheme works.

Jul 7, 2023 12:30 PM — 1:30 PM
ETHBarcelona 2023 - Big C
Llull street, 121, Barcelona (Spain), 08005
Adrià Torralba-Agell
Adrià Torralba-Agell
PhD Student in Cryptography and Blockchain

My research interests include cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs and blockchain.